Welcome to Africa Media Management

AMM is an operating division of DCC Investments, a digital content and services investment vehicle that has been a pioneer of new media services development in Africa since 2004.

AMM focuses on digital content distribution operations and owns and develops “business to business” and “business to consumer” media distribution platforms through which it distributes its extensive content catalogue.

These platforms include satellite contribution feeds, TV channels, mobile TV, mobile content portals and themed mobile sites, services or apps.

We produce and distribute African content across Africa and worldwide, we also supply appropriate international content to African media operators.

AMM has a long history of TV content production in developing markets, and has been a pioneer in the development of mobile content and interactive services in Africa.

We use our high-level expertise in the areas of the development and delivery of mobile services to supply white label mobile content delivery portals and Customer Relationship Management tools to third party companies under the brand name Yumo. We also assist clients monetize these through loyalty programs, paid for services and profiled advertising using third party advertising platforms as well as our own YumoAds platform.

AMM’s unique combination of skills and experience in the African media environment means we consult and offer training to broadcasters and mobile service developers in order to facilitate the profitable rollout of media services in their respective environments.